Established in 1965, the Merchant Vintners Company stands as a collaborative venture, owned in equal shares by approximately 25 member firms.  
Our mission is to empower independent, family-owned wine merchants, supporting their growth and resilience against larger market competitors. 

Strength in Unity 

Our members experience a multitude of financial advantages by pooling their purchasing power to secure competitive terms. Beyond the quantitative benefits, our tight-knit community provides members with exposure to the diverse expertise of our Management Team. The professional and amicable rapport within the group encourages active collaboration and mutual support. Take a look at our presentation to find out more (opens in new tab). 

Unlocking Opportunities 

As a member, you gain immediate access to a curated stock of around £2.5 million, acquired at near shipping prices. This unique advantage allows you to streamline your stock-holding while retaining access to an extensive portfolio of wines and spirits, much of which is available exclusively within the group.  
At Merchant Vintners, we believe in the strength of unity and the collective success that comes from supporting one another. Join us in the journey of expanding your business and flourishing in the world of fine wines and spirits. 

Our Members 

Meet Our Members: Click here to discover the diverse and distinguished family of wine merchants that make up The Merchant Vintners Company. 

About Membership 

See how joining The Merchant Vintners Company can benefit your independent wine business and how you can become part of our exclusive network. 

Members Area 

Get exclusive access to resources, stock information, and community support tailored for our Merchant Vintners members. 

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Wine Business Today 

Connect with The Merchant Vintners Company and be part of a powerful network that offers exclusive access to a vast selection of wines, competitive pricing, and a community of experts dedicated to mutual success. 
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